awaii Permanente Medical Group is honored to have achieved national recognition for many of its programs. This would not be possible without the contributions of each of our team members, who together have risen to every challenge with integrity, compassion, and professionalism. Nor would it be possible without the inspired leadership of those listed below, under whose guidance each of us at HPMG has been entrusted to elevate the art of medicine.

Voting Board of Directors

Steven Kramer, MD
Continuing Care

Thomas Chen, MD

Kathy Kanja, MD
Family Medicine

Guy Sugino, MD
Family Medicine

Kanu Okike, MD

Zelah Yamagata, MD
Hospital Medicine

Tina Melendrez-Chu, MD
Integrated Behavioral Health

Christopher Stefanelli, MD
Pediatric Cardiology

Mabel Wong, MD

HPMG Executive Committee

Geoffrey Sewell, MD
Executive Medical Director, HPMG

Samir Patel, MD
AMD, Primary Care

Mark Santi, MD
AMD, Surgical Specialties

Tarquin Collis, MD
AMD, Medical Specialties

Kelley Yim, MD
AMD, Hospital Specialties

Stacey Honda, MD
AMD, Ancillary Services

Sally Lee, RN, MSN
VP, Clinic Operations

Keith Ogasawara, MD
AMD, Professional Chief of Staff

Karen Ching, MD
AMD, Quality

Jill Shinno, APRN-BC, MSN
VP, Quality and Care
Delivery Integration

Dave Ulin, MD
AMD, Maui

Anthea Wang, MD
AMD, Government Programs
and Population Health Solutions

Michael Caps, MD
AMD, Outside Services
and Network Management;
Physician Business Services
& Occupational Health
Services Department

Leighton Hasegawa
VP and Chief Financial Officer

Daryl Kurozawa, MD
AMD, Sales & Marketing,
Service Delivery Planning,
& Community Benefit

Grant Okawa, MD
AMD, Knowledge Management

George Apter, Esq.
VP and General Counsel

David Bell, MD
AMD, Professional Development
and Service

Richele Thornburg, MS
VP, Strategy, Leadership,
and Communications