e are soccer coaches, neighbors, club members, and volunteers. We are nearly 2,000 doctors and nurses, lab techs and pharmacists, receptionists, dietitians, administrators, therapists, and more. We are Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, and our members, their families, and our families are all part of this community.

The way we see it, the health of the community and the health of our members are one and the same.
So we give. And we give back. The year 2020 marks the 11th Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Annual Day of Service – Hosted by HPMG. Every year, physicians, providers, staff and community members gather on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to support local nonprofit organizations. This year, volunteers took part in numerous activities on eight locations across Oahu, Maui, Hawaii Island, and Kauai to plant dryland taro, prepare materials to build traditional Hawaiian hale, and help restore wetlands, streams, and ancient fishponds. Whether to assist a member or to serve our community, we believe in behaving with compassion, dedication, and the sincere desire to make a positive difference.

If you're part of the community, you want to be here.