ealth is about making the right choices. What someone eats, what they don't. Whether they exercise. Whether they go in for regular checkups. How they manage stress. At Hawaii Permanente Medical Group we believe that one of the most important choices one ever makes is who their primary care physician will be.

It may help to know that long before they make their choice, we've made ours. We are very choosy about who we pick to be our doctors. This ensures that when it's time to make a decision, the choices will be from among the best doctors in the state.

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Hawaii Permanente Medical Group is the state's largest group practice with over 600 doctors and 60-plus specialties. So if someone is more comfortable with a female doctor, or one who speaks Mandarin, or somebody closer to their own age, they'll find the one they're looking for at HPMG.

So not only do we offer the best choices, we offer more choices.

And if the doctor chosen turns out not to be the right one for them? They can easily change their doctor at any time. For any reason.

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