• A member tells us about Kaiser Permanente’s conscientious service while she received hip replacement surgery
  • Dear Dr. Sewell,

    I underwent hip replacement surgery at Kaiser Moanalua Medical Center this past Tuesday morning and don't want another day to go by without letting you know about the exemplary care I have received in the hands of your gifted staff.

    Dr. Michael Reyes headed the team that has been nothing less than terrific, right from the start of this experience.

    To begin with, Dr. Reyes has been responsive and helpful over the course of this past year. He has always been quick to get back to me with questions I've had along the way and has been thorough and solicitous in his responses. His assistant, Claudia Birgado, LPN, has been incredibly organized - anticipating my needs and seeing that any and all pertinent information has been provided to me in a timely fashion. Like Dr. Reyes, Claudia's attitude had been positive and encouraging from the beginning.

    The class offered to those heading into joint replacement at Kaiser, whether knee or hip, provided a wealth of clear, well-presented information. While not minimizing the risks involved, it gave a reassuring impression of the high caliber of health care providers to whom I'd be entrusting the quality of the balance of my life. I left the class with the sense that I'd be in the hands of people who were extremely professional and well-organized with respect to all aspects of the procedure I was going to have - from pre-surgery preparation to the surgery itself - and the elements involved in recovery. My H & P with Jaclyn Ryan, PA-C, clearing me for the operation was reassuring, not only because of Ms. Ryan's professionalism, but also because of the way she made me feel - as if she had all the time in the world to consider my questions and allay my concerns.

    On Tuesday, the morning of the surgery, my husband and I were welcomed and treated with care and courtesy. The intake personnel made sure that we understood what was happening all along the way, anticipating our questions and making sure that they had addressed all of our concerns before proceeding to the next step. Dr. Reyes took the time to come and greet us before the operation, answered questions, and made it clear that he and his staff would do everything they could to ensure the most successful outcome possible, including being vigilant about germs not getting into the wound, especially important because of my being a carrier of MRSA. This information was well-presented, and rather than alarming us, it reassured us that a condition that might have posed a serious threat, because of its being anticipated, would be carefully managed without further complication. As I was wheeled into the OR, it was with the fullest confidence in the team that was about to go to work.

    Following surgery, the nursing staff - with no exception - was unfailingly polite, solicitous, gentle, professional, and efficient. Every single one of the nurses who cared for me from Tuesday through Thursday gave me the impression that no request was too manini, no question too insignificant to consider. At all times I felt safe and well taken care of. The physical therapists I had, Kevin and Julie, could not have been more informative, enthusiastic, and encouraging.

    Throughout the experience I was impressed with the attention to detail, the vigilance with which my identity and medications were double- and triple-checked, and the way the staff took care to make sure I knew what was going on, introducing me to those who would be taking care of me when the shifts changed.

    When it was determined on Thursday that, because of the way my recovery was progressing I could be released 24 hours ahead of schedule, the last-minute change in plans was accommodated without the blink of an eye, despite it being a holiday. Again, I was met with friendly, positive attitudes and sincere wishes for a speedy return to normal back at home.

    Post-operative care - in-house physical therapy and therapy sessions beyond - have been anticipated and planned for. Again, there is the sense of professionalism, pride in performance, and sincere wishes for the best possible outcome.

    I am deeply grateful for the care I have received (and continue to receive) at the hands of your organization. I will not hesitate to sing Kaiser Permanente's praises whenever the opportunity presents itself, and I wish Kaiser continued success.

    - Eden


  • A member tells us about her family's top-notch care at Kaiser Permanente
  • Dear Dr. Sewell,

    Thank you for all of the excellent medical care our family has received from Kaiser for almost a decade. In particular, we wanted to thank Dr. Cindy Wong in the Pediatrics Department of the Honolulu Clinic for going above and beyond the call of duty for several reasons:

    -First, she is thorough, hard-working, and has extraordinary follow-through. She responds quickly to our questions in a detailed and informative fashion, often after hours.

    -Second, Dr. Wong has a kind and caring bedside manner. Our three children feel comfortable and at ease in her presence, and she takes the time to listen to her patients' concerns.

    -Last but not least, Dr. Wong has astute clinical knowledge. When our son was two years old, he contracted Kawasaki Disease. Over the phone Dr. Wong was able to diagnose this rare and potentially fatal condition so that our son could be treated in time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that she helped to save our son's life.

    This letter is just a small token of gratitude for the privilege of having Dr. Wong as our children's pediatrician. Mahalo again for all that she and the other physicians do at Kaiser to raise the standard of health care in our community to a level of excellence.